Monday, December 21, 2015

What’s the right time to buy dustbins (for the retailers)?

You’d agree that there’s a right time to buy properties. There’s a right time to buy jewelries. And there’s also a right time to take an important decision – whether it’s about starting your start-up or expanding your existing business. Similarly, there’s a right time to buy dustbins – you buy dustbins in bulk – and therefore if you can buy them at the most appropriate time, you can not only save big on the order, you’ll also end-up building relationships that last forever.

It might take you a bit of time to be able to tell whether it’s the right time to call up your dustbins manufacturer in India and place your order for bins.

It’s sort of a practice – but with time, you get better at it. You develop sort of an intuition for it.

The best time to buy dustbins, including kitchen waste bins, is when the market is a little down, when the supply is more than demand.

You know this right?

But, how many of us try to get the pulse of the market and take decisions on our gut feeling? The truth is the biggest of business minds take decisions more on their guts and less on calculation.

You are likely to get bigger and better discounts when you buy dust bins, or for that matter, during off-season or when the market is slow.

You also tend to save big on the purchase if you buy in bulk. Third, and last, keep on looking beyond your current list of suppliers. Your existing dustbins manufacturer in India might not be offering you the best deal possible – speak with several reputed suppliers or manufacturers to see whether they have something special to offer.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why you shouldn’t buy acid storage tanks the way you’d bought earlier?

You’ve been in chemicals for years. And therefore, you know it from inside and out.

You also have close to 50 people working at your chemical factory. And you also have a plan to expand soon. Just a little ago, your man told you about the acid storage tanks – you need some more. You’re not thinking about it. You know whom to call. The supplier will give it to you in a matter of days. But you must be a little cautious this time while placing an order for the acid storage tanks. Why? I’ll tell you.

I know you’re a pretty busy man. You’ve people to manage. Orders to take care of. And hundreds of other minor and major things – and in all this busyness, you might not have realized that worker safety guidelines and compensation for workers’ injuries have gone too rigid and difficult to comply with. So in such a case, if the acid storage tanks you have at your factory fail in quality, your workers might get badly injured. Mightn’t they?

And then think about work at your factory. It might get badly affected for days, if not months. Now I believe none of this will happen to you, to your business. But the point that I want to make here is you should get good quality acid storage tanks that have been designed and built to contain large amounts of acids for long periods of time.

I’m done for now. Tell me what you think about this post. Do you really feel you can continue with the tanks that you have been buying or using all these years? Or, do you really feel encouraged to look beyond the horizon and invest in some really good quality acid storage tanks?

I’ll be running a series of blog posts here on Sulphuric acid storage tanks and water tanks and everything about tanks and chemical industry. So stay connected. If you have something up on your mind about the chemical tanks, you can drop a comment here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to quickly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen?

You’re a working mother. You manage office as well as your home. And I truly appreciate the way you manage all the work and stress involved. Today, I’m here to give you some quick tips for kitchen improvement. I know you don’t have luxury of time – and that’s precisely why I’m sharing quick-to-do kitchen improvement tips. Ready?

Let the light shine your kitchen

Open the kitchen window that you never bothered to open. There’s no substitute to natural light and fresh air.

However, if there are no arrangements / window in your kitchen for natural light or air, brighten up the space with a new tube light or LED bulb.

Take this one step, and you’ll be surprised with the sheer change that comes in your kitchen.

Hire a labour to pain one wall of your kitchen – this shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours

This is a little difficult kitchen makeover exercise – but believe me, it’s worth the efforts and money. Find a labour and get him paint one wall of your kitchen with your favourite color. Just make sure the new color goes with the overall interiors of your space.

Add aroma in the air

Now this is really simple but amazingly effective. Get some room fresheners in your kitchen. Spray it in the air and experience the magic it creates for hours.

Heard about those designer, cute kitchen waste bins?

Bins, I know what you might be thinking about. But bins occupy a space in your kitchen. Dingy, stinking kitchen waste bins ruin the look and feel of your kitchen.

If you’ve not bought a bin for months or years, shop for a kitchen waste now. You won’t regret the purchase.

You can go to your local market for kitchen waste bins or shop online. The choice is yours.

Just make sure you check the dustbins manufacturer in India that you buy from – try buying from a manufacturer that you can trust for quality and fair pricing.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Chemical storage tanks – built with quality materials and futuristic technology

Ever thought about the role chemicals play in our lives?

We use chemicals in our daily lives – to wash our floors, toilets, appliances, to get rid of mosquitos, rats, and for lots of other things. Business wise, we use chemicals in different industries – be it a soap manufacturing company or a pharmaceutical or textile company, it needs chemicals.

Chemical industry in India produces different sorts of chemicals, day in and day out. And they continue to innovate to produce new varities. However, the industry has to be extremely careful about the manufacturing, processing, storing, and transportation of chemicals. Not all chemicals are dangerous and explosives – but there’re many who are. And therefore they need to be treated with extreme care – and that’s why these companies buy only high quality chemical storage tanks.

Chemical storage tanks aren’t like regular water tanks – chemical tanks are built to contain chemicals for long, without getting damaged or leaked.

There’re some amazing companies out there that manufacture a fine selection of chemical storage tanks. They combine their deep knowledge in this space with futuristic technology to manufacture tanks of different shapes and sizes.

We’re done for now. But, we’re introducing a series of posts on chemical industry and chemical storage tanks. You too can share your ideas with us, in the comment box below.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Food storage containers – the options that you never had

Food storage containers do not need to look ugly. We need them to store rice, wheat, flour, sugar, or other stuffs, and may keep them either in our kitchen or store room. They are manufactured in different colours and styles and may come in different capacities like 60 kg, 80 kg, or 120 kg. Depending on their quality, style, and capacity, their prices too differ. If you need them in bulk for commercial usage, you better look out for a renowned food storage containers supplier and see what he has to offer.

If you are short on time, you can also run a Google search for round or square bins or food storage containers. Or, you may like to run a search for a Delhi or your city based food storage containers supplier. Browse through the product pages of several bin / container suppliers; this would help you figure out which supplier or product is likely to help you more with quality food storage containers for either your kitchen or commercial premises.

Modern day food storage containers are built of highly evolved materials and technology and this ensures their longevity. The increasing capacity of the food storage container manufacturers also ensures that bins of different colors and designs are available in abundance across geographies and at great prices.

For more on food storage containers, see us soon!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Why bins are so important for hospitals?

You know the answer, right?

Hospitals need bins because every day they inject their patients and need a bin to throw the injection wrapper and bottle in a safe and efficient manner. Hospitals need bins because every day they take medicines to their patients’ beds so they can take them as per the doctors’ prescription; but once they are done with the medicines, they need a bin to throw the paper bag in which the medicines were kept.

Hospitals also need bins because they house one or more eating joints inside their premises and thus, need bins to store the leftover. There are many other applications inside a hospital wherein wet and dry waste is created, which needs to be stored and transported in the most efficient manner possible.

Hospitals may acquire their supply of medical waste bins from multiple resources. They may contact a couple of medical waste bins suppliers and ask them for quotes. Basis these quotes, they may select one or two medical waste bins suppliers for a fixed period of time. Alternatively, they can check out a couple of sites and contact the business owners and see what they have to offer.

The bin manufacturing companies regularly invest in their infrastructure, and thus have been able to keep up with the rising demands of bin users across industries and households. Today, these companies are making bins out of different materials and mix of materials. So you can easily find bins in the market made of plastic, steel, and tin. And these bins are made available in an overwhelming variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Moreover, modern day bins are built to last.

Apart from hospitals, bins are required in almost all households, restaurants, and offices. For more on bins and how they are brought to shapes, please read our other blog posts.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Safe Storage of Chemicals

Industries that use chemicals in their daily operations are countless. Every industry be it in the textile manufacturing sector, chemical manufacturing industry or the oil and natural gas sector need chemicals and storing chemicals safely is very crucial.

Why use Chemical Storage Tanks
The risks of chemical spillage are immense. It can have far reaching risks that are not just limited to chemical burns and stains, in severe cases it can cause fatalities too and none of that is desirable, and more importantly avoidable. With the help of specially made Chemical Storage Tanks the risk of spills and leaks can be completely eliminated. Additionally, storage tanks can help you organize your chemicals better, and that will make it easy for you to keep track of what chemicals you need to refill.

How to Choose the Right Chemical Storage Tanks

Storing chemicals safely depends on how well you choose containers. There are different types of chemical storage tanks in the market and if you unknowingly pick a container that is not right for the job you are keeping chances open for errors. To find out the chemical compatibility of a tank material, tank manufacturers will be able to provide a chemical compatibility chart.

The installation of a tank for chemical storage is critical and there are a large number of standards that must be met. The types of issues that must be dealt with include the level of bonding required, the types of fittings to be used and the level of venting that may need to be installed. You will know more of it when you get in touch with storage tanks makers.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Make Food Last Longer In Summers

Tossing bad food away is same as throwing money away, which is definitely not what you want, do you? Summer is the time when we end up wasting food most of all because food lasts shorter than they usually do during winters. Instead of throwing perfectly good food away, follow these tips and you will save a lot of money on food.

Watch out for sealed bags
These are very bad for fruits and veggies, want to know why? Well, fruits and veggies want to take in as much moisture and air as possible to stay fresh, juicy and nice. Go around your local market for breathable bags that allow fresh farm produce to stay fresh. You should ask your supplier for perforated food storage containers.

Cold spaces are not for everybody
Cold storage is not great for everything in your pantry; keep onion, potatoes and spices moderately cold because temperatures that are sub-zero will harm these foods than do any good. You will do yourself a service by storing onions and potatoes on shelf rather than stuffing it inside the fridge.

Some fruits ripen early
Some fruits emit ethylene which is ripening agent. Store products along with ethylene producing substances and you will see everything ripening up early. If you must keep fruits along with other items, be sure to separate them apart in Food Storage Containers that you can buy at your store supplier.  Bananas and avocados are examples of things that release ethylene.

Some farm produce rot when washed
Mushrooms and grapes should not be washed before storing in a refrigerator. Also, do remember to pack your mushrooms dry and wrap grapes in tissues before stacking them in Food Storage Containers.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Why the Automobile Industry Loves Plastic Fuel Tank

Metal fuel tanks, which have historically been made of an 8% tin-lead alloy, and are susceptible to interior corrosion from fuel and exterior corrosion from elements such as road chemicals, salt, mud, and gravel. The same can be said of Chemical Storage Tanks. The ingredient within a chemical tank or a fuel tank is sensitive and has to be protected. A container that is susceptible to corrosion does not help.

Needless to say a defective fuel tank is risky and can cause an explosion or an accident. In fact there were countless such cases which is why eventually the entire automobile industry shifted to plastics. Plastic Fuel Tanks have the ability to meet packaging constraints with complex shapes, and design engineers have greater flexibility in the car design and styling without having to worry about fitting the gas tank. The plastic tank could virtually be made to fit whatever cavities are left by the design.

One critical part of the performance criteria of the tank is its ability to meet crash requirements. Generally, plastic tanks are considered safer in crashes because they are seamless and, thus, not prone to failures in the vulnerable seam areas. They are not a source of sparks. Plastic Fuel Tanks not only lighter and cost effective but also recyclable. Even industries that makes extensive use of chemicals and need to store chemicals in large amounts expect Chemical Storage Tanks to be lightweight and recyclable.

Car manufacturers have certain objectives to fulfill and to accomplish these objectives; automotive designers must develop prototypes that can be disassembled easily into the various material groups that have a recycling infrastructure. Plastic Fuel Tanks perfectly fit into schemes and are perfect for designing safe and reliable automobiles.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Metal or Plastic Fuel Tanks – Deciding the Better of the Two

Plastic Fuel Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks
Different manufacturers design and produce metallic as well as Plastic Fuel Tanks across a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. At the outset they seem similar to each other with little to no discernible differences. Similarities make it difficult to select the better of the two because for someone new to the process cannot find anything strikingly different between a steel and plastic fuel tank. Let us lay out the advantages and disadvantages side by side and help you make up your mind.

The good about steel tanks
  • Steel is better for security; it prevents thieves from drilling into the tank to extract oil, something that is quite possible with plastic tanks.
  • Steel fuel tanks come in large capacities; you will easily find a tank big enough to hold 120,000 liters of oil.
  • Steel is highly durable and lasts longer
  • There is also a lot of scope for flexibility within the design of steel fuel tanks. Custom tanks can easily be made in a variety of complex designs
Why you should not buy steel tanks
  • Steel is heavier than plastic and therefore difficult to maneuver.
  • Corrosion is a big concern with steel.
  • The integrity of a steel tank is as good as the welding done to hold it together. Over time, leaks can appear along weld lines and threaten the integrity of steel tanks.  
Over years plastic has become more desirable over steel and the reasons for that are as follows:

  1. Easier to install than steel as its lighter and easier to move about
  2. Almost no limits to the shapes that these tanks can take, although you have to order an off-the-shelf-design
  3. Because plastic is an insulator, the transfer of heat to the fuel is delayed
  4. Most plastic fuel tanks are seamless, so are less prone to failure, even if it deforms, plastic has an ability to regain its natural shape