Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why it is important to keep the fuel tanks in a safe environment?

Any vehicle that runs on gasoline or any other fuel source will contain a fuel tank. They store the fuel in a safe condition till the time it is released or pulled inside an engine. The tanks that are used can be of any size and they are available in diverse forms which range from a small plastic tank on the inside of a butane cigarette lighter, to the tank that consists of gasoline on the lawnmower, to the fuel container found in the personal vehicle and the external cryogenic tank found in the space shuttle.

The plastic fuel tanks must hold the fuel in a safe and secure environment till the time it is ready to use. Unfortunately due to leaks, stress, and force the impact can be threatened thereby permitting the air that mixes with the gasoline and create a dangerous and flammable source of fuel. If this mixture later comes in contact with any kind of inflammable source, then there are chances of an explosion leading to huge accidents.

When you have to buy the fuel tanks and place them in your industry, then you must get in touch with a reliable source and get the machine. Get in touch with Frontier Polymers and get all the required information about the product. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Collection of Containers Made My Day

It was a beautiful get-together after a long time. Children were running here and there – busy in their own game, elders were busy narrating their stories to each other, adults were busy in their games and we, housewives, were busy in discussing about the best quality grain storage containers.  All of us were busy somewhere somehow.

It was a family get-together after seven whole years. Actually, the idea of get-together sparked when one of my sisters planned to visit us after a long time. And as it had been many years we thought to gather all our sisters, their children, their spouses, and elders as well to enjoy to our fullest.  Nobody seemed to be alone as everyone was accompanied with people of their age. It was a sort of picnic.

All of the family members loved the collection of the containers I had. They were curious to know from where I bought it. Not only the color of the container grabbed their attention but the quality and the price too were the center of attraction. Then, after we all had dinner we went to the terrace. In terrace, they loved the quality of the tank too. They were curious for this too and asked me immediately from did I order good quality things for home.  As, soon as I let them know, they too got it within a week and I thank Frontier for this.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Containers give space to your kitchen area

Go and have a look at your kitchen, may be what you see is not very pleasing and you just drop your head and just walk away. Don’t walk away, come back and read this blog!

Here, I will tell you that how you can add oodles of space in your kitchen with some simple things-

-Firstly, you don’t have to spend a bomb to get a clean and clear space

-Secondly, add some containers in your kitchenette area like grain storage containers

-Instead of dumping your waste on the ground, use community waste bins and clean up your space

-Lastly, when creating a mess remember no one will come and clear up the mess for you! You are the only one to clear up the mess, so do not mess up your place so much.

Basically, with these grain storage containers it gets very simple to manage the space in an effective manner. You can even store a lot of items in the containers and they will remain fresh as ever. The insects will also stay at bay when the food products are stored in these containers.

Get in touch with Frontier polymers and buy a range of products at affordable rates.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Medical Waste Bins for Hygienic Premises

Hygienic environment is required everywhere. No matter home, office, hospitals or public place.  The most important thing is to be safe and healthy. Most of us are careful to be healthy where we are and wherever we go. But there are some of the people who do not think that it is necessary to be safe when they are in hospitals.

It is the most vital thing to be taken into consideration. I too use to think that it is not that important to be aloof in hospital premises. But, when I had to visit to nearby government hospital I found that they were not clean enough. The bins they had in the premises were not of good quality. Seeing such condition of the hospital I called the duty in-charge. He said that, it does not affect them that much.

But as I could not tolerate the rusted dustbin in such critical place; I called Frontier polymers and placed an order to get their best quality medical waste bins in the hospital premises. It is built in large capacity with roller bins that can pick heavy loads to pick-up points. They have got anti-rust food paddle connector that is of superior strength. By seeing its functionality the duty in-charge even ordered chemical storage tanks for their hospital. A little help from my side changed the scenario and life of many individuals.      

Monday, September 30, 2013

Get Covered Kitchen Storage Bins

The place where germs and bacteria commonly found is your kitchen, your washroom, the dining area, and the area which is mostly being used by you and your family members. The place that calls crowd together must be specially cared by you. In fact, each and every section of your home must be carefully inspected by you.

But definitely, you have to pay special attention to your kitchen space. The place that is responsible to maintain their life actively. If you will prepare food in a hygienic condition then they will be able to spend their day as well as their life brilliantly. The food they have or will have helps them to maintain their lifecycle. So, make sure that you prepare better quality food for them so that they can work efficiently. Most of the people while working in their kitchen space forget to keep the left out things in the kitchen storage bins. These are the people who suffer from several kinds of diseases.

Bring the storage bins that are available with the cover. It not only helps to give the kitchen space a cleaner look but all of you will be healthier too. Haven’t you seen medical waste bins that have got cover with it? It helps the germs not to attack the people walking past by and maintain cleanliness around the premises.    

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Few essential tips for waste disposal at homes and offices

It is essential to dispose waste everywhere, be it your offices, homes, or any public places. I have personally seen a lot of people who keep their houses spick and span, but when they get out of their houses, they create a mess. It can be their office place, or any public place. When questioned, their lame excuse is that it’s not their house, or their place, then why should they care!
Like seriously…if this is the attitude that we carry then we can never progress as a nation.

If we do not dispose the waste effectively, then it will cause problems to our own selves like, we may be infected with various diseases. We all must have waste bins in our houses, so we all must ensure that in hospitals too we throw the waste in medical waste bins and in public places we throw waste in litterbins. By doing this, we will contribute in making our place pollution free.

Most often, we assume that a lot of things do not come in the category of waste, or we simply do not dump them in the bins. Things like fallen hair strands, bits of paper, etc., we just throw them out of the window at times!

Get in touch with Frontier Polymers and find the right bin for your place.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Have Kitchen Waste Bins for Your Safety

Kitchen Waste Bins, Water Storage Tanks
Hygiene should be maintained to keep oneself healthy. Whether one is outside one’s home or one is inside one’s home hygienic environment is necessary everywhere.  If one stays healthy then every work of them will be accomplished in a proper manner. Now, you must have got my point. On the other hand, if you are not able to live in the hygienic environment then none of your tasks will be fulfilled according to your wish. So, try maintaining your lifestyle living in healthy place by following proper diet too.

Cleanliness in the environment is important for your health but with it is also necessary to have proper diet. From where does the proper diet start? Your kitchen, isn’t it? It is the place where all your meals are prepared and cooked. Besides cooking healthy meal for you and your family members, it is necessary to have best quality kitchen waste bins in your cooking area. It will help you to prepare hygienic food and throw the unwanted waste products in a proper manner.

Do have water storage tanks of best quality too. They too are a major factor for you to keep your health in the right track. Your safety is in your hands.       

Say No to Moisture by Getting Grain Storage Containers

Laundry Carts, Grain Storage Containers
Monsoon weather is enjoyed by all of us. We love to enjoy the rains, smell the wet sand and love to watch the drizzles anytime. This moment is the most awaited moment for every one of us. But amidst our enjoyment, there comes obstacle- the moisture. Yes! Moisture is the biggest hindrance in the monsoon. This not only spoils your skin to great extent but the food stuffs in your kitchen or in the storage space – too are badly spoiled.

To prevent your foodstuffs from getting spoiled, getting stink badly and not to let it be in bad condition- Bring Grain storage containers in your kitchen space. These great quality containers not only keep your food clean and hygienic but it also adds a newfangled look to your area. Having equal sized containers placed in your kitchen gives it a clean look. You yourself will love to gaze at it time and again.

It gives you positive vibes. You love to work in your space more wholeheartedly. And when you are in love with your containers there is no doubt that your guests won’t say anything about it. For a clean space, you should also have small sized laundry carts. Bring it according to your space.              

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen with storage bins

Kitchen Storage bins, Medical Waste Bins
We often gift special things to our close ones to make them feel wanted. They realize with these small gestures, what importance they hold in our lives. Here, I am not just talking about living things but, even nonliving things.

Yes, we take care of humans and animals present in our lives but, what about the nonliving things present in our lives. They may not speak but, they hold a lot of significance. They may not express anything but, they are of so much help in our day to day life. They make our lives so much easier.

Being a housewife, I spend most of my time in kitchen and truly this place is very dear to me. It is so dear that I do not allow anyone to enter the kitchen.

To pamper my beloved kitchen, I ordered for some kitchen storage bins from Frontier Polymers. They are the best in supplying a variety of bins like medical waste bins, storage bins, litterbins etc.

When the kitchen storage bins arrived and were placed in my kitchen, they looked so amazing. They were simple yet stylish and sleek. The design was very appealing and is very lightweight. The bins can be carried easily across the kitchen and it has a flap too, which can be opened and closed with your feet.

Frontier polymers- specialists in providing a wide variety of bins like medical waste bins for hospitals, litterbins etc. have enhanced the look of my kitchen. You too can try ordering your lot with them and change the look instantly!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Frontier Polymers: The ONLY manufacturer in India to offer chemical storage tanks in 'Crosslinked Polymer'

Rectangular Water tanks, Water Tank Manufacturers, Chemical Storage Tanks
All Black Tanks are not the same, and not all tanks are fit for chemical storage. At Frontier Polymers, we understand the difference between rectangular water tanks, and chemical storage tanks; that’s why we use imported Hexene LLDPE resin for making chemical storage tanks.

The resin used has high ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance); this ensures that our chemical storage tanks enjoy a maximum possible life. The density and melt flow ensure that the tank has High Chemical Resistance due to closely packed molecules in the resin.  In fact, we’re the ONLY manufacturers in India to offer chemical storage tanks in 'Crosslinked Polymer'. These tanks from Frontier Polymers can withstand temperatures up to 110°C.

For more on our ‘chemical storage tanks’, click on this link that’ll take you to our website, Besides making tanks for chemical storage, we’re also into manufacturing tanks for water; we’re one of the leading water tank manufacturers in the country.   We’re also into manufacturing litter bins, food storage bins, road safety products, laundry carts, material carrier, etc.

We’ve been in the industry for years, and are committed towards creating great quality products at very competitive prices. For more on us, visit us at our website,

We’d love to hear from you! Click on this link, for our contact details.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleek and Stylish Dustbins at Your Disposal

Pantry bins, Dustbins
We all have one or more of them in our houses or in the offices.  It is something which we just can’t do without.  Know what I am talking about?  Dustbins! Yes, can we even imagine a single day without them? We may not give them much importance, but just think for a second how we spend our day, when the garbage is not collected from our houses or offices.  It just gives such a dirty feeling!

Frontierpolymers is committed in providing its customers a wide range of pantry bins, dustbins, water storage tanks, fabric handling containers, litterbins, barriers and a lot more products. 

These bins have been designed for the purpose of disposing of recyclables, papers, tea dips, and disposable cups.  They are very stylish and are space efficient too.  A large quantity of waste can be disposed of with great ease.  Now bid adieu to overflowing waste and pungent smell, as these pantry bins provides sufficient space and proper lids.

We are very soon coming with a new feature of custom moldings, where you can customize your requirements and get the bins as you desire!

Give us a call at +91 11 41622733, 41622734,    Fax: +91 11 41679398
Drop an email at

Waiting to hear from you soon

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keep Your Surrounding Clean With Waste Bins

I have witnessed living in a city all my life that you are never far away from the reach of a rat.  This is because when you reside in a metropolitan city, garbage bags and leaky bins are a nuisance when it comes to drawing pests.

The upsurge in cluttering around the metropolises is a bad situation; footpaths scattered with clutter and domestic left-over are getting usual - not because there has been an enormous upsurge in bugs - but due to the reason that people's outdoor bins and wastebaskets are not up to the mark.

Some of us have litterbins, waste collection bins or other rubbish bins provided to us by the resident authority, and while in some parts they are of good value, other native authorities strain to save money, by providing pitiable quality of outdoor bins or nothing at all.

If no bin is offered, then the weekly custom of waste bags being torn open by cats, foxes and rat’s remains and the roads, even in some well-off parts, can get grimy. Waste gatherers are frequently ignored by local businesses too and with the extent of waste that some take-out’s and fast food outlets toss away, they inflate the problem to multifold.

But there is no necessity to depend on the resident authority to source a good quality outdoor  waste collection bins - as they are not costly and are easily obtainable in a range of styles, forms and shades.   Pick the style of bin that will acclimate to your needs, and ensure its great for your wants.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eco- Friendly Bins Help Us to Bag Prize Time And Again

Our society is the most respected society among the nearby communities and area of our locality. Every year we are able to capture the title of ‘Best community of the year201….’ Even this year we were successful to bag the same title yes the year was different. When one of my friends saw that thrice the trophy was bagged by our community then he asked me that ‘what is the reason behind your successes? 

Then, I made him analyze that find out the difference between your community and our community. He simply pointed out some of the basic points on which the judging community used to decide the best one among all. I asked him to care again but he was not able to identify the main difference. Then, seeing his curiosity I myself said that our community use the best quality Waste Collection Bins caring our eco- system and the laundry carts too are of the world- class quality matchless to any other society.

And similarly, I pointed out the dustbins that they were using. Everything of theirs was up to the mark and in some matters they too were better than us but in this sector they were left behind. The dustbins that they were using was of low quality, was tattered from the edge and there was no cover to get it packed. The dust could be seen clearly and used to stink as it was open and was without lid.

We as a responsible citizen was saving our environment and were bagging the prize time and again.