Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eco- Friendly Bins Help Us to Bag Prize Time And Again

Our society is the most respected society among the nearby communities and area of our locality. Every year we are able to capture the title of ‘Best community of the year201….’ Even this year we were successful to bag the same title yes the year was different. When one of my friends saw that thrice the trophy was bagged by our community then he asked me that ‘what is the reason behind your successes? 

Then, I made him analyze that find out the difference between your community and our community. He simply pointed out some of the basic points on which the judging community used to decide the best one among all. I asked him to care again but he was not able to identify the main difference. Then, seeing his curiosity I myself said that our community use the best quality Waste Collection Bins caring our eco- system and the laundry carts too are of the world- class quality matchless to any other society.

And similarly, I pointed out the dustbins that they were using. Everything of theirs was up to the mark and in some matters they too were better than us but in this sector they were left behind. The dustbins that they were using was of low quality, was tattered from the edge and there was no cover to get it packed. The dust could be seen clearly and used to stink as it was open and was without lid.

We as a responsible citizen was saving our environment and were bagging the prize time and again.          

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