Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Few essential tips for waste disposal at homes and offices

It is essential to dispose waste everywhere, be it your offices, homes, or any public places. I have personally seen a lot of people who keep their houses spick and span, but when they get out of their houses, they create a mess. It can be their office place, or any public place. When questioned, their lame excuse is that it’s not their house, or their place, then why should they care!
Like seriously…if this is the attitude that we carry then we can never progress as a nation.

If we do not dispose the waste effectively, then it will cause problems to our own selves like, we may be infected with various diseases. We all must have waste bins in our houses, so we all must ensure that in hospitals too we throw the waste in medical waste bins and in public places we throw waste in litterbins. By doing this, we will contribute in making our place pollution free.

Most often, we assume that a lot of things do not come in the category of waste, or we simply do not dump them in the bins. Things like fallen hair strands, bits of paper, etc., we just throw them out of the window at times!

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  1. Most of the waste comes from homes and offices.So both these areas required special attention for waste management.Proper disposal is important.

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