Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Collection of Containers Made My Day

It was a beautiful get-together after a long time. Children were running here and there – busy in their own game, elders were busy narrating their stories to each other, adults were busy in their games and we, housewives, were busy in discussing about the best quality grain storage containers.  All of us were busy somewhere somehow.

It was a family get-together after seven whole years. Actually, the idea of get-together sparked when one of my sisters planned to visit us after a long time. And as it had been many years we thought to gather all our sisters, their children, their spouses, and elders as well to enjoy to our fullest.  Nobody seemed to be alone as everyone was accompanied with people of their age. It was a sort of picnic.

All of the family members loved the collection of the containers I had. They were curious to know from where I bought it. Not only the color of the container grabbed their attention but the quality and the price too were the center of attraction. Then, after we all had dinner we went to the terrace. In terrace, they loved the quality of the tank too. They were curious for this too and asked me immediately from did I order good quality things for home.  As, soon as I let them know, they too got it within a week and I thank Frontier for this.

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