Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why you shouldn’t buy acid storage tanks the way you’d bought earlier?

You’ve been in chemicals for years. And therefore, you know it from inside and out.

You also have close to 50 people working at your chemical factory. And you also have a plan to expand soon. Just a little ago, your man told you about the acid storage tanks – you need some more. You’re not thinking about it. You know whom to call. The supplier will give it to you in a matter of days. But you must be a little cautious this time while placing an order for the acid storage tanks. Why? I’ll tell you.

I know you’re a pretty busy man. You’ve people to manage. Orders to take care of. And hundreds of other minor and major things – and in all this busyness, you might not have realized that worker safety guidelines and compensation for workers’ injuries have gone too rigid and difficult to comply with. So in such a case, if the acid storage tanks you have at your factory fail in quality, your workers might get badly injured. Mightn’t they?

And then think about work at your factory. It might get badly affected for days, if not months. Now I believe none of this will happen to you, to your business. But the point that I want to make here is you should get good quality acid storage tanks that have been designed and built to contain large amounts of acids for long periods of time.

I’m done for now. Tell me what you think about this post. Do you really feel you can continue with the tanks that you have been buying or using all these years? Or, do you really feel encouraged to look beyond the horizon and invest in some really good quality acid storage tanks?

I’ll be running a series of blog posts here on Sulphuric acid storage tanks and water tanks and everything about tanks and chemical industry. So stay connected. If you have something up on your mind about the chemical tanks, you can drop a comment here.

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