Monday, December 21, 2015

What’s the right time to buy dustbins (for the retailers)?

You’d agree that there’s a right time to buy properties. There’s a right time to buy jewelries. And there’s also a right time to take an important decision – whether it’s about starting your start-up or expanding your existing business. Similarly, there’s a right time to buy dustbins – you buy dustbins in bulk – and therefore if you can buy them at the most appropriate time, you can not only save big on the order, you’ll also end-up building relationships that last forever.

It might take you a bit of time to be able to tell whether it’s the right time to call up your dustbins manufacturer in India and place your order for bins.

It’s sort of a practice – but with time, you get better at it. You develop sort of an intuition for it.

The best time to buy dustbins, including kitchen waste bins, is when the market is a little down, when the supply is more than demand.

You know this right?

But, how many of us try to get the pulse of the market and take decisions on our gut feeling? The truth is the biggest of business minds take decisions more on their guts and less on calculation.

You are likely to get bigger and better discounts when you buy dust bins, or for that matter, during off-season or when the market is slow.

You also tend to save big on the purchase if you buy in bulk. Third, and last, keep on looking beyond your current list of suppliers. Your existing dustbins manufacturer in India might not be offering you the best deal possible – speak with several reputed suppliers or manufacturers to see whether they have something special to offer.

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