Sunday, February 14, 2016

Do you have the Checklist for Annual Chemical Storage Tank Inspection?

The annual inspection of chemical storage tanks is essential to ensure safe storage of chemicals. Also, inspection will help you detect cracks and other stress points that may result into leakage. But do you’ve the checklist for the inspection? If no, you do not need to worry as we’ve it here for you.

  • Empty the tank and clean it thoroughly. If there are chemicals in the tank, they must be neutralized. You can’t inspect a dirty tank so you need to clean it completely.
  • Examine the tank properly and see if there are any brittle, or cracking appearances as they may lead to leakage.
  • The fitting areas of the chemical storage tanks should be examined in detail and with proper attention to see if they show any signs of weaknesses.
  • The inside of the tank needs to be properly examined, which becomes a challenge. This is because you can’t get inside it to inspect if there is any crack. Therefore, you need to use bright and high powered light to inspect the interior.
  • The dome of tanks, especially the one like HCL storage tanks may become brittle due to their exposure to fumes. So be cautious when inspecting the dome and other nearby areas.
 We hope that the above checklist will help you in the inspection of your chemical storage tanks. You can contact the suppliers for a better guide and some additional information.

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