Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to quickly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen?

You’re a working mother. You manage office as well as your home. And I truly appreciate the way you manage all the work and stress involved. Today, I’m here to give you some quick tips for kitchen improvement. I know you don’t have luxury of time – and that’s precisely why I’m sharing quick-to-do kitchen improvement tips. Ready?

Let the light shine your kitchen

Open the kitchen window that you never bothered to open. There’s no substitute to natural light and fresh air.

However, if there are no arrangements / window in your kitchen for natural light or air, brighten up the space with a new tube light or LED bulb.

Take this one step, and you’ll be surprised with the sheer change that comes in your kitchen.

Hire a labour to pain one wall of your kitchen – this shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours

This is a little difficult kitchen makeover exercise – but believe me, it’s worth the efforts and money. Find a labour and get him paint one wall of your kitchen with your favourite color. Just make sure the new color goes with the overall interiors of your space.

Add aroma in the air

Now this is really simple but amazingly effective. Get some room fresheners in your kitchen. Spray it in the air and experience the magic it creates for hours.

Heard about those designer, cute kitchen waste bins?

Bins, I know what you might be thinking about. But bins occupy a space in your kitchen. Dingy, stinking kitchen waste bins ruin the look and feel of your kitchen.

If you’ve not bought a bin for months or years, shop for a kitchen waste now. You won’t regret the purchase.

You can go to your local market for kitchen waste bins or shop online. The choice is yours.

Just make sure you check the dustbins manufacturer in India that you buy from – try buying from a manufacturer that you can trust for quality and fair pricing.

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