Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Make Food Last Longer In Summers

Tossing bad food away is same as throwing money away, which is definitely not what you want, do you? Summer is the time when we end up wasting food most of all because food lasts shorter than they usually do during winters. Instead of throwing perfectly good food away, follow these tips and you will save a lot of money on food.

Watch out for sealed bags
These are very bad for fruits and veggies, want to know why? Well, fruits and veggies want to take in as much moisture and air as possible to stay fresh, juicy and nice. Go around your local market for breathable bags that allow fresh farm produce to stay fresh. You should ask your supplier for perforated food storage containers.

Cold spaces are not for everybody
Cold storage is not great for everything in your pantry; keep onion, potatoes and spices moderately cold because temperatures that are sub-zero will harm these foods than do any good. You will do yourself a service by storing onions and potatoes on shelf rather than stuffing it inside the fridge.

Some fruits ripen early
Some fruits emit ethylene which is ripening agent. Store products along with ethylene producing substances and you will see everything ripening up early. If you must keep fruits along with other items, be sure to separate them apart in Food Storage Containers that you can buy at your store supplier.  Bananas and avocados are examples of things that release ethylene.

Some farm produce rot when washed
Mushrooms and grapes should not be washed before storing in a refrigerator. Also, do remember to pack your mushrooms dry and wrap grapes in tissues before stacking them in Food Storage Containers.

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