Monday, February 9, 2015

Why the Automobile Industry Loves Plastic Fuel Tank

Metal fuel tanks, which have historically been made of an 8% tin-lead alloy, and are susceptible to interior corrosion from fuel and exterior corrosion from elements such as road chemicals, salt, mud, and gravel. The same can be said of Chemical Storage Tanks. The ingredient within a chemical tank or a fuel tank is sensitive and has to be protected. A container that is susceptible to corrosion does not help.

Needless to say a defective fuel tank is risky and can cause an explosion or an accident. In fact there were countless such cases which is why eventually the entire automobile industry shifted to plastics. Plastic Fuel Tanks have the ability to meet packaging constraints with complex shapes, and design engineers have greater flexibility in the car design and styling without having to worry about fitting the gas tank. The plastic tank could virtually be made to fit whatever cavities are left by the design.

One critical part of the performance criteria of the tank is its ability to meet crash requirements. Generally, plastic tanks are considered safer in crashes because they are seamless and, thus, not prone to failures in the vulnerable seam areas. They are not a source of sparks. Plastic Fuel Tanks not only lighter and cost effective but also recyclable. Even industries that makes extensive use of chemicals and need to store chemicals in large amounts expect Chemical Storage Tanks to be lightweight and recyclable.

Car manufacturers have certain objectives to fulfill and to accomplish these objectives; automotive designers must develop prototypes that can be disassembled easily into the various material groups that have a recycling infrastructure. Plastic Fuel Tanks perfectly fit into schemes and are perfect for designing safe and reliable automobiles.

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