Friday, August 24, 2018

Store Acids & chemicals with ease

Chemicals play a vital role in operation of various industries, the handling of these chemicals is very risky, and if handled in a wrong manner it can even claim lives. Thus storing the chemicals is always an important task for the industries. Right from the design of the tank to its installation and operation are to be done with a lot of care and precision. We will further discuss some of these tips to maintain safety while handling the chemical storage tank

While handling the tank cleaning is the most hazardous activity, it is essential as well as important for the durability of the tank. Some of the good practices and tips related to the cleaning of the tank are mentioned below:

  • • Conditional to the nature and scale of cleaning some specialist are required who are experts in handling the tanks. As the inner sections of these tanks can be divided into various classes of confined spaces, hence special training and gear are required.
  • •There are requirement of specialized cleaning machineries for tasks like wall climbing, valve cleaning etc. these tasks need particular machinery and skilled technicians to operate those machines.
  • • Great care and measure must be taken while cleaning the tanks, there are places I the tank where the access is difficult and require special equipment such as access vehicles. Cleaning may also be awkward in corners and sides of the tank
  •  • Ensure that the cleaning agents used are compatible with the chemicals stored and with the materials used in manufacturing the tanks.
  • • In case of spill make sure that the area is cleaned as soon as possible and the water used in the cleaning process should not be thrown directly in the outlets it must be disposed only after proper treatment.

If these steps are followed properly handling if these tanks will be an easy affair.

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