Tuesday, May 29, 2018

How can we solve water shortage in India? The future is in your hands

India is a country with a rich heritage and history attached to it, the first water tanks in our country can be traced back to 3000 BC when sophisticated systems of drains, wells and tanks were built to conserve and utilize water. However, the modern day civilization is struggling to cope up with issues related to water shortage. There are many reasons for this problem and one of the main concerns always boils down to farmers and their dependence on water for irrigation. Rapid and aggressive groundwater pumping in rural areas has left Mother Nature the key difference maker between life and death.

Another key factor is the growing disparity between different sections of society, for example, the middle class who are very vocal when it comes to their demands for fresh water whereas there is still a huge chunk of population that do not have proper sanitation facilities and often defecate in open. Therefore, a situation where a section of society that wants to grow and flourish while the other is struggling to survive.

The government should implement policies that would undertake installation of water tanks in areas with freshwater shortage. The 2006 CSR activity conducted by Castrol in drought hit areas of Rajasthan is a prime example of how it could be achieved.

When it comes to installing an overhead water tank, a lot depends on your needs and usage. One can choose from a range of options that could include shapes like rectangular water tanks or circular water tanks. There are many revolutionary names in the market that have constantly been reinventing the technology when it comes to layers, coating and even colors. Another important thing to consider is the quantity and location of the tank. With newer innovations, the products can be purchased for a very reasonable price, so it is best to invest now for your own needs or maybe to help others.

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