Friday, May 20, 2016

Tips to keep your kitchen waste bins clean

If you have a malodorous kitchen, it is perhaps because of the garbage you have in the waste bins. To keep your kitchen clean and free from bad odours, it is important that you regularly clean your kitchen waste bins.

To help you in the cleaning process, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • When throwing food waste, don not leave it exposed as it will make the flies lay eggs.
  • Wrap up the waste before throwing it into dustbins, especially when you throw items like fish and meat
  • Do not throw smelly food waste into the dustbin, rather wrap it and directly throw it into the outside dustbin
  • Use liners or newspapers to keep the kitchen waste bins clean and make it easy to throw the wastes later
  • Squeeze out the air out of the liners before throwing the bag into the outside food bin as it will reduce the bad smell due to lack of oxygen
  • In summer the food decomposes faster, to regularly clean your kitchen and throw the wastes
  • Give a regular rinse out to your waste bins and store it away from direct sunlight

The above tips will ensure that your waste bins in the kitchen are kept clean. Look for a well-known dustbins manufacturer in India to buy quality waste bins.

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