Friday, January 24, 2014

Learn how to clean a plastic fuel tank

As we keep everything clean in the same way, plastic fuel tanks too must be cleaned on a regular basis. They must be cleaned in a couple of years, or whenever you’ve to empty them for the purpose of storage.

The fuel in the plastic tank has a tendency to evaporate over a period of time. This leads to trail of varnish that is left at the bottom of the tank. If this varnish is not cleaned off, then it will slowly create the soil deposits in the tank.

Start with disconnecting the plastic fuel tank from the engine and then empty it off completely. Then you need to pour some BB’s into the tank. Use a cleaner solvent and fill it off the tank. Lock the tank with the bolt and shake it vigorously, so that all the dirt and the solvent get mixed up. Empty all the contents after some time and rinse the BB and use it later on. Repeat this process three or four times over, to clean it totally.

When this activity is done over, then fill the tank with fresh water.

By doing this, you will ensure that the tank is free from any kind of dirt.

Don’t forget to do this activity, as this will maintain the cleanliness of the tank.

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